Fixation London - The Pop Up Shop is here

There are very few of us that have got through a conversation about bikes in the last 10 years without someone talking about fixies. Fixed Gear bikes have, unsurprisingly, a fixed gear so regardless of the hills or the flat, you only have the one gear, but the advantage of this is that they are lighter and have a cleaner look than geared bikes as there is less hardwear. 

Fixation London was started last year with the aim of offering affordable fixed gear bikes to all. The bikes boast a large variety of colours and have a Flip Flob hub so you can opt for free-wheel or fixed wheel, and a built in clock in the stem of the bike to stop you running late. 

They also give 10% of their profits to Re-Cycle a charity which mends old and unwanted bikes and sends them out to worthy projects in Africa. This means the bikes can have another life working for people that really need them. 

Tonight they are having a drinks night at the Fixation London Shop in Covent Garden in support of the charity, with free beer, talks and African Drummers. So if you want to talk bikes, beer and Africa head on down to 5 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL

1. There are many different bike companies out there, what makes Fixation different?

Fixation London is a small London born and bred start up. Our bikes have been specially designed for London and urban use. 

We are currently a team of 3. Due to our small size and the age of the company you don't pay for a brand name so get a lot more for your money. 

If you come into our shop or contact us you will speak directly to one of the owners. This means we can offer unrivalled customer service and tailor all experiences to each customer. 

2. You collaborate with the charity Re-Cycle, can you tell us a bit about the partnership?

Re-cycle are a fantastic small charity who take old and unused bikes, fix them up and send them off to people that desperately need them out in Africa - mainly focusing on projects in South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia but growing every year.  

We are proud to say that we provide 10% of our profits to support Re-cycle. On top of this we give 10% off a new bike when you donate your old one.

3. How did you go about designing the first collection of bikes? And why the clock - Are you always late?

We spent several months using mood boards playing around with different ideas, until we came up with a range of mixed styled town bikes. Alex Bodini one of the owners then had the horrible (not that I'm jealous) job of visiting several factories in Taiwan to ensure that the bikes where made to the highest standard.

Against popular belief the clock was not designed due tardiness.  Although it does help to keep your legs going if your running a little late. 

4. What's your favourite Hill & Ellis bag? 

This is difficult to answer as I love several. If I had to choose it would be the Professor Bike Bag. The classic design and ability to attach to a bike rack being the key reasons. 

We did love the limited addition Mo Saddle Bag and can't wait to see what this year brings.   

5. What's new for Autumn 2015?

Autumn is a very exciting time for us with our second delivery arriving, which includes our first ladies frames and a new style of bike called tenders. 

The tenders are a cross between a folding bike and normal single speed. We hope it will bring urban riding to all -  allowing those with limited space to have a great alternative to the expensive folding bike.

6. Finally, we heard there is a drinks party on tonight, are the rumours true?

The rumours are certainly true. Heineken have kindly given a few boxes of their beer. We also have live African drummers, talks and much more planned for the evening. 

Come down if your free 6-9pm to show your support for Re-cycle.

Fixation London is also one of our stockists so if you are interested in seeing our bags in the flesh, head on down and have a look.