Win a Pair of luxury wooden Finlay & Co. Sunglasses

The Summer is NOT over, we repeat, NOT over. The sunshine is set to come back and to celebrate the wonder of an Indian Summer we have one pair of chic wooden Sunglasses from luxury sunglasses brand Finlay & Co. to give away to one of our lucky customers. To enter follow us on social media and tell us what you love most about the British "summer"!

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We caught up with the founders of the company to find out more about their delectable sunglasses and how they go about designing them.

How did Finlay & Co. start life?

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Finlay & Co. was founded by four friends in London in 2012. We loved the concept of wooden sunglasses and felt that there was a gap in the market for chic styles with a beautiful finish. Wood is so rewarding to work with - there’s a real beauty to it as every pair of frames are completely unique thanks to the individual grain of the wood.  Additionally, we felt there was an opportunity to create an iconic British eyewear brand positioned at an accessible luxury price-point and relevant to a younger demographic. Our customers love owning a pair of sunglasses which are a little bit different and feature our unique design elements. We are often told by our customers that they get more compliments on our sunglasses than any other accessory they own and the fact that we're a British brand, with styles named after London locations also goes down well!  

What's the most complicated aspect of designing sunglasses?

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We have always been committed to designing eyewear with a difference, that is inspired by the individual and not the collective. Yet, with so many face shapes and sizes, it can be a balancing act to design unique and desirable eyewear that is still wearable no matter what your face shape. That's why our collection includes a variety of styles from cat-eye shapes such as our Pembroke, to our best-selling frame, the Beaumont which features a club master shape, as well as rounded styles including the Draycott. 

At Hill & Ellis HQ we love the wooden frames - they are really unique, how do you choose the wood for the sunglasses?

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We only use the finest materials, whether its sustainable hardwoods or cellulose acetate and it takes up to 32 stages of intricate craftsmanship to make our frames. The majority of our wooden frames come in both Ebony or Walnut and choosing a pair all comes down to personal preference. If you have lighter features you might want to go with Walnut as it’s a lighter wood, but our Ebony frames are very popular! What’s really special is that no two pairs of Finlay & Co. frames are the same, given the natural grain of the wood.

With our Luxe range, we have gone one step further and blended three fine layers of contrasting wood to give a luxurious finish with contrast in grain and colour from outside to inside. For example, our Pembroke Ebony Luxe blends Ebony, Maple and Rosewood. 

Finlay and Co sunglasses for men and women

Which Hill & Ellis bike bag is your favourite and why?

We've been eyeing up the Freddie Pannier with it's classic school satchel look paired with the luxurious dark brown leather finish. We're big fans of classic styles re-worked with quality materials and the Freddie Pannier bag has got that real classic look about it. 

(See the bag they like here.)

What's next for Finlay & Co?

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We launched in 2012 with wooden sunglasses and three years later, we have introduced our first collection of sunglasses handcrafted from the finest Italian Acetate. To follow up, we have just this summer introduced new lens combinations for these styles to extend the range even further! However, there is plenty more to come from us in terms of future developments in Finlay & Co. eyewear, so watch this space! 

Finally - what is your favourite thing about summer in Britain?

Well, we opened this question up to floor - some of us are all about the festivals - we've just got back from an amazing stint at Wilderness festival. But it's the British countryside that we all agreed on. In the summer, there is no place better or more beautiful than the countryside.

To have a look at their full range of beautifully crafted wooden sunglasses have a look at their website.

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