Hill & Ellis goes POP Up!

This March, Hill & Ellis has been invited by the handsome bike brand 8 Ball Bikes http://www.8ballbikes.co.uk/ to be part of their take over of the Camden Collective Space for an exclusive Bike Pop Up. It starts from Monday 9th March and runs until April 19th. This one off Bike Collective pulls together some of the newest, more innovative brands in Cycling today to one 'pumped up' Pop Up shop in the heart of Camden including our lovely bike bags. 

James at 8 Ball Bikes (www.8ballbikes.co.uk) is the brains behind this collective and has brought together the likes of Tannus Tyres, Hovding Air Helmets, Pilgrim Cycle Clothing, Ghisallo mud guards, Hill & Ellis Bike Bags, and Huez clothing

Amongst the excitement we managed to speak to James to find out where he got his inspiration for the club:

"London cycling culture, and to a lesser degree, that of the UK in general, is entering a renaissance period. Bespoke Bicycle Club is a celebration of this fact. Although it's still a fairly small percentage of UK citizens that ride a bike on a daily basis, that number is steadily growing and many people are dipping their toe for the first time, or revisiting a form of transport from their childhood. As we have seen elsewhere in Europe, one day cycling won't be seen as a separate culture, it will be part of society's DNA. But to get to that point, we need to make cycling more attractive, more accessible and more innovative.

"Bespoke Bicycle Club is championing the bicycle as a form or transport and leisure. A way of getting from A to B without having to change clothes before and after your journey or adopt sporty apparel. We promote good quality, innovative products from small companies that have really thought about their offerings and how they can make life easier, safer, or just a little bit more fun. Author HG Wells famously wrote that 'cycle tracks will abound in Utopia', but until that day comes, we're making our own path. Cycling should be inclusive and at Bespoke Bicycle Club, everyone's invited."


And everyone certainly is invited. Come on down and have a look at the latest, most exciting bikes, bike bags and accessories on the market. 

69 Camden High Street, until April 19th.