Keep your cool and travel light!

With the summer set to return this weekend, ("Finally, BBQ Time" we hear you all shout!) we thought we'd give you a few pointers on how to travel light and pack well for keeping your cool whilst cycling to work. 

Dorothy Bike bag being packed
What to pack in a hill and ellis bag

First things first, get the bag off your back. There is nothing worse than arriving at work with a sweaty back and the best way to avoid this is to use a pannier bag. Your bike has been perfectly designed to carry you and your luggage so why not take advantage of it! Our pannier bags all attach to a back pannier rack so your back doesn't have to take the strain and as it sits on the back of your bike it doesn't affect your steering. The security tag on all our British Made bags also keeps the contents securely on your bike. Take a look at our Bags here.

Secondly Dress Down.

After a few minutes on your bike, your core body temperature will rise dramatically so dress for how hot you will feel 15 minutes into the journey. That way you will stay cool for the duration and arrive like Audrey Hepburn or Clark Gable. 

Bertie red leather bike bag

Travel light.

Do you really need all those note books? And why not leave your jacket at work? That way you don't have to get hot riding with it but can still power dress for those important meetings. If you are taking a spare top the best way to stop it from creasing is to roll it. Pull the creases away with your hands as you roll each part of the top then pack it tightly in your bag to avoid creases. 

Most of our bike bags fit a 15 inch laptop and have enough space for: an A4 notebook, phone, tablet, spare top, make-up/brill cream, comb, reflective bike jacket, bike lights, charger, an apple for your boss as well as these top items that we recommend taking with you to keep you cool after your ride...

Top Items to Take with You:

Penhaligons Scent box

1. A Sweeter Scent.

It's summer after all, and a miniture deodorant will get you out of those sticky summer situations! For a splash of a more refined fragrance we love Penhaligons minature rollerballs in this gorgeous scent library. They are designed for men and women, you can mix up your frangrance throughout the week at your will and they take up no space at all.


2. Puncture Repair Kit.

It's all down to luck really but lets face it, if you don't carry a puncture repair kit your much more likely to get a puncture. So better to be safe than sorry. Cycling Weekly has reviewed some of the better repair kits on the market so click here to have a look at the best and most compact out there.

Lezyne Puncture Repair Kit for cyclists

3. Clean Hands. 

A small packet of travel wipes means you can remove any bike oil that miraculously ends up on your hands when locking up your bike or even if things get more serious and you get a puncture. These Sani Hands wipes are textured to help remove grease and are great at getting ride of bike oil from your hands. 

4. Our Waterproof Bike Bag Cover.

This is the UK after all and summer isn't summer without rain. All our bags come with a ripstop nylon waterproof bag cover so you can protect your bag and everything in it even in the heaviest of summer showers. And just like the puncture repair kit it is much less likely to rain if you have it with you!

Happy riding and enjoy the sunshine! 

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