New Year New You! Sound Familiar?

If you have committed to getting fitter and healthier this year by bike, cycling to work is a great, efficient way to factor in fitness to your life. Not only can it save you time and money (and get you out of that laborious commute) but there are many surprising reasons why cycling to work is one Resolution definitely worth sticking to. 

1. Cycling makes you happier.

Exercise releases endorphins the “feel good hormone” which also helps to relieve stress. Just 30 mins a week is enough to release these hormones. That’s the average time it takes to cycle to work just once. Cycle back and you’ll feel even better.

 2. It makes you even happier than that.

Exposure to light helps boost our mood, adjusts our circadian rhythms enabling us to sleep better, and increases our mental ability. The recommended office lighting is only about 300 lux, whereas the strength of the sun measures over 1000 lux even on overcast days. Full daylight (not directly in the sun) is 10,000-25,000 lux. To function at our best, we need at least 1000 lux so increasing your exposure to sunlight is the best way to achieve this. Cycling to work can only be done outside so that’s at least 30 minutes a day when you are guaranteed exposure to this valuable light.  

3. It helps you beat Illness.

Cycling regularly boosts your immune system as regular exercise makes immune cells more active so they are ready to fight infection. According to research from the University of North Carolina, people who cycle for 30 minutes, five days a week take about half as many sick days as couch potatoes so you could pull a “sickie” and be more likely to get away with it. 

4. It helps you look younger.

Increased circulation through exercise delivers more oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, flushes harmful toxins out and creates the ideal environment for the production of collagen. So cycling makes you look younger.

5. It improves your sex life.

Regular physical activity improves your vascular health, which in turn helps boost your sex drive. One study at Cornell University, found that male athletes had the sexual prowess of men 2-5 years younger, and physically fit females delayed menopause by the same amount of time. Men over 50 who cycled for 3 hours a week have a 30% lower risk of impotence than those that didn’t.

6. You can look after the planet.

20 bikes can be parked in the same space as one car, it takes 5% of the materials and energy to make a bike instead of a car, and the bike produces zero emissions.

7. It’s quicker by bike.

The London Cyclist put the bike versus tube to the test. They found that travelling by bike was on average 42% quicker than travelling on the tube. Add to that the time you save going to the gym and that’s many more minutes to your day. 


So with all these benefits cycling or committing to cycling to work daily is definitely one resolution worth sticking to. If you are looking for a suitable work bag to cycle with we have a range of handsome bags to suit your work style. See our range here