How to save Money by cycling to work?

Looking to save a few pounds after the #Brexit result? Well cycling to work could just be the perfect way to do it. 

Commuting on the tube & rail is getting expensive, in London - a return trip just in zones 1-3 cost is £7.60 and in Manchester travel on the Tram system is £7 per day. An average of £5,928 over 3 years. Driving to work is more. At the moment the average local driving commute (25 minutes each way) could work out about £6 in petrol and £4-£20 in parking - that's £14,094 over 3 years. But then there's the insurance, MOT and servicing to take into account... 

Luckily there is the perfect answer to keep your Toy Fund well and truly stocked up post #Brexit: Biking to Work.

Cycling just needs you, your bike and your granola to get going. Taking into account the cost of a bike (approximately £550) and servicing over the course of 3 years the average cycling commute could cost around 89p a day, and that assumes you will buy a new bike after the 3 years. Of course the cost of the granola could possibly out do your good work so try not to choose the one hand moulded by artic penguins with nuts picked out by truffle pigs... but if it's your favourite... 

So granola choice aside, that's a saving at the very least of £5,178, an extra 1-2 holidays a year. 

If you want to work out how much exactly you will save by cycling to work here is a handy calculator:

Then there is the fun of buying the new kit which is perfectly justified when you're still saving... Here's a few suggestions:

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