Rip up that Resolution list!

Every year we do it - every year. We grab that bar napkin and we vow to make our life really hard by writing a long list of resolutions that even Indiana Jones couldn't achieve in a year. And it's a list which often resembles the same one we wrote the year before.

What if you just made one?

Make it Cycle to work.

leather pannier

Cycling to work saves time, saves money, cheers you up and keeps you fit in the process. Now if those four things weren't on your list already then we will personally ask Indiana Jones to pop round and show you his rolling hat grabbing trick.

Cycling to work also has the advantage of giving you time to practice some of your other goals for the year - singing, telling jokes, improve your public speaking, practicing french. You don't get as many weird looks speaking out loud on your bike as you do on public transport - trust us!

Hill-and-Ellis-10.8.15 739.jpg

There are also many more benefits to cycling to work and you can read them on our journal post here

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