It's Good Black Friday...

We're not really keen on Black Friday. It seems to take away from the magic of Christmas - forcing us all to think about bargains instead of the joy of the season. 

We maintain that Christmas is about loved ones and charity so for the last two years we have been running Good Black Friday, where we will give you £25 off AND we will also donate £25 of every sale to the bicycle charity Re~cycle.

Re~cycle are a fabulous charity that collect unwanted bikes here in the UK, recondition them and send them out to countries in Africa to help transforms the lives of locals. They also work to train locals on bike maintenance so the bike becomes the gift that genuinely keeps giving.

bicycle charity recycle

If you want to take advantage of our Good Black Friday offer and donate some money to charity along the way - purchase your bag on Friday 24th November with the code GOODBLACKFRIDAY and your discount will be applied at checkout. We will then donate £25 directly to Re~cycle. 

bicycle charity recycle

As well as all their incredible work, helping local communities, Re~cycle have recently launched a couple of projects to help empower women and girls and to get them riding. We caught up with Re~cycle to find out a bit more about their most recent projects.

Cycle to Class in Ghana

Cycle to Class is a great new project with their partner in Ghana, Village Bicycle Project (VBP). Cycle to Class will equip 500 rural Senior High School students, in five schools, with bicycles, training and support to improve their ability to remain in and pass Senior High School. Bicycles play an essential role in keeping children in education, especially as they get older and must travel further afield. A bicycle can cut journey times by as much as 75% and means that students can travel in safety to and from school. Having a bicycle also means that students have more time and energy to focus on their studies.

And this project isn't just giving the bikes, it also works to train 2 Bicycle Repairers in the locality of each school using a curriculum developed by Re-Cycle to ensure they have the skills and tools necessary to repair the bicycles.  

These local Bicycle Repairers will then work alongside VBP’s Trainers to deliver Preventative Maintenance Training to cohorts of 20 students. In each day-long session, three VBP mechanics will work with the local Bike Mechanics to deliver a curriculum developed by Re-Cycle and VBP specifically for rural communities in Ghana.

At the end of the training, students will be able to ride their bicycles safely, perform basic maintenance themselves and be able to diagnose when they need to take their bicycle to a repairer. Many children, especially girls who are not encouraged to ride bikes, will not at this point know how to ride a bike, these children we be given a specific course in bike riding called ‘Learn to Ride.’


Women in Uganda

They're also working with a partner organisation in Uganda to establish a bicycle refurbishing facility capable of refurbishing and preparing thousands of imported bicycles in the coming years. The centre will offer training in bicycle repair and maintenance, the first of its kind in Uganda, and can be used to supply farmers and other groups with sustainable transport improving lives and livelihoods. It’s expected that 80% of beneficiaries will be women. The bicycle repair and maintenance course will start with a consignment of 200 bikes, resulting in 200 professionally refurbished bikes ready for delivery to northern Uganda where sustainable transport is vitally needed.

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So all those bikes that might have been left to rust by the roadside here, are travelling for a new life-transforming adventure in Africa. If you want to see their award winning video animation - take a look at their facebook page. And to find out more about their projects or how to donate your old bike visit their website here. 

Remember that all of our bags sold on Black Friday (Friday 24th November) we include a donation of £25 to Re~cycle which is enough to send one bike out to Africa. And you also get £25 off yourself. Use the code GOODBLACKFRIDAY - shop here. 

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