Resolutions? Not this year! Do things differently...

Happy New Year! So here it is 2018, how did that happen? ...we hear you cry!

Quite - we've definitely entered the realm of sci-fi movie settings from the 80s now - we've already passed Back to the Future II by 3 years. This is the future. It's also creeping towards the Chinese Year of the Dog, and everyone is already barking on about resolutions. Have you made yours? Lose weight, get fit, stay tidy, drink more smoothies? Yep us too! Perhaps you have already broken them or is it just making you feel guilty?

Maybe this year should be different? I read an idea in an article on a plane the other day which suggested that instead of making resolutions we should just resolve to just do things differently. And just for the simple joy of doing things differently - from the big to the small.


What a great idea - what if you learnt everything you can about Pingu to be the penguin protagonist's leading expert amongst your friends, or learnt just one song completely in French, or stuck a pin in a map and just travelled there? I decided to spend December giving strangers compliments about how great they looked, after they decided I wasn't mad, they smiled and it cheered me up along with it. So I'm going to stick with it. 

Years ago comedian Tony Hawks travelled round Ireland with a fridge, ridiculous yes and for no decent reason except for a bet with very small prize money but the route he took meant he met so many locals and had an incredible adventure to dine out on for years (figuratively and literally - as he wrote a successful book on it) I'm not suggesting you travel everywhere with a fridge but 2018 could be the year of adventure, little adventures - saying yes and taking time to explore.

A small way to do this regularly is to cycle to work differently everyday and get lost in the streets. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes to cycle home and you'll stumble across historical buildings you've never seen, discover parts of your hometown you never knew existed, and speak to different people at the lights. It's about the journey after all. 

So in 2018 why not resolve to be adventurous ... be like Marty McFly with an extra 3 years of wisdom. 

Professor bike bag cycling

Written by Catherine.